Why is a MAG 208 certification required?
MAG 208 certification is designed to address 2 key issues related to wastewater treatment plants:
- Wastewater treatment plants are point sources of pollution impacting the local environment
- Wastewater treatment plants are regional infrastructure components

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In regards to being a point source of pollution, the MAG 208 Water Quality Management Plan states:

The major effort of this 208 Plan Revision was in the Point Source Plan. Point source planning is primarily directed at compiling the preferred wastewater collection and treatment system for the Maricopa County area through the year 2020. Toward this end, the Point Source Plan examines population and wastewater flow projections, treatment methods, effluent disposal, reclaimed water reuse, and sludge management.

In regards to the regional infrastructure issue, the MAG 208 Water Quality Management Plan. states:

By requiring proposed plants in the area to obtain approval using this formal process, an uncontrolled proliferation of small plants that could cause problems in the future should be prevented. The communities adopted a small plant process goal of allowing the cities and towns the maximum level of control in the approval of small plants. The County must consider the comments of the nearby city or town concerning proposed small plant facilities within three miles of their borders.

The MAG 208 Water Quality Management Plan. addresses these issues and other planning issues in detail.
MAG 208 requirements.

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