What are the selection criteria?
Candidate application packets will be reviewed by a selection committee and scores assigned for overall grade point average, Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) professional grade point average, DPD science grade point average, work and volunteer experience, letters of recommendation, applicant's responses in the personal statement, and second language proficiency. Grade point averages and quality and quantity of dietetic related work experience are given significant consideration. The PAL Portfolios will be reviewed for accuracy and alignment of activities to competencies. The selection committee may ask applicants to participate in an interview.

The ability to speak a language in addition to English is beneficial to working within the local community. It is not a program requirement in the selection process. Applicants claiming proficiency in a second language may be asked to participate in that language over the course of the interview.

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1. What are the admission requirements?
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3. What are the selection criteria?
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