What is the program schedule?
The dietetic internship program begins in mid-August and is completed at the beginning of June. One week of vacation is scheduled for the week of Thanksgiving. Two weeks of vacation are scheduled near the end of December which includes Christmas and New Year's Day. Other holidays honored include Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Veteran's Day. For a table of the program schedule view the Full-Time Program Schedule page.

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1. What are the admission requirements?
2. What are the applicant responsibilities involved in the application process?
3. What are the selection criteria?
4. What are the dates for computer matching for the Full-Time Track Dietetic Internship?
5. What types of supervised practice experiences are offered by the Full-Time Internship Track?
6. What is the program schedule?
7. What does the program cost?
8. What are entrance requirements for matched applicants?