How can I best assist my attorney once I have one?
It takes time, sometimes several months, for a case to move through the courts. During that time, you can do many things to assist your attorney in working on your case. These include:
- Be on time for court and other legal appointments. If you are delayed for any reason, call your attorney.
- Do not discuss your case with anyone other than your attorney or our office staff. Since anything you say may be used against you in trial, you should not discuss the case with family members, friends, other inmates, detention officers, probation officers, in person or on the telephone.
- Dress appropriately for court.
- Give your attorney copies of all relevant documents.
- Give your attorney a list of possible witnesses.
- Maintain regular contact with your attorney.
- Provide current contact information. Give your attorney your home and work addresses, your home, work, mobile, and message phone numbers, and let your attorney know immediately if any of these change.
- Remember that all personal telephone calls made from the jail may be recorded.

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