Why all the questions?
It is part of the family support staff job to help your family find target areas to help get you on your way to self sufficiency. In order to do this they need to know about your income and living situation. Any information you share with them is confidential and they respect your privacy. If you are not comfortable sharing something with them please just tell them you do not want to discuss that issue. The information is also used to monitor how the program is doing in assisting families we serve and how we can improve.

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1. How often does the family support staff meet with families?
2. What can I expect from my Family Support Staff
3. What can take place during a visit or the monthly phone call?
4. What if I need additional resources?
5. What is Family Service Support (FSS) and who are the Family Service Support staff?
6. What is the Family Partnership Agreement?
7. Why all the questions?
8. Why does Head Start have family support staff?
9. Why would I want to set goals?