Maricopa County’s OpenBooks initiative was created to provide our citizens and the public with improved access to financial data to foster citizen engagement, collaboration, and public participation.

It is a strategic priority of Maricopa County to simplify access to this data. This site was created to provide the public with information about Maricopa County in a user-friendly website that provides a central location to find information about how the County operates and bring additional accountability for the use of both tax and non-tax revenues.

In addition, Maricopa County’s OpenBooks was created in harmony with the Open Government Initiative and Arizona Revised Statute (A.R.S.) Section 41-725.

Information Available

The following information is available through our OpenBooks site:
Electronic files
Demographic and organizational structure of the County
Electronic files
Electronic versions of County contracts in a searchable database
Links to useful County, State, and National resources
Summary financial data
Taxes and fees paid by residents
Access to Enhanced Regulatory Process

Financial Transparency

The County has partnered with OpenBooks to provide enhanced access to detailed revenue and expenditure data within its robust data platform. The site provides citizens, stakeholders, and the public with self-service, easy to use dashboards to view, filter, and analyze financial data for the County. You can download the data, e.g., Excel, for offline analysis.

For more information, visit the County’s OpenBooks site.Openbook Opens in new window

Help Improve Your Maricopa County Open Government!

Thank you for visiting the Maricopa County OpenBooks site. This website will be enhanced regularly, so check back often for new tools and search capabilities. The goal of Maricopa County is to be transparent in a participatory and collaborative manner.