Backgrounds and Badging

Thank you for your partnership and being a part of the FMD team

Welcome new or returning vendor!  You are an important part of a project at a location that requires background clearances (and in some cases badging).  This is required in order to provide your valued services at our secure county building locations.  

The following steps is to gather contact information for your backgrounds and badging requirement.

Items you will need:

Please refer to the email from your assigned FMD Project Manager.  The email will have three items of information that you will need to complete the next few steps.  

  • Assigned FMD Project Manager's Name
  • Project Number associated with this request
  • The agency(s) in which you are required to apply, i.e., Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (MCSO), Security Services or Courts.

This portion of the process will only take a couple of minutes and no sensitive information will be gathered.  At the end of these next steps, you will be asked to select the agency in which you are applying to receive your backgrounds packet and instructions. 

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If you have completed your backgrounds and are looking for the next step to complete fingerprinting and or picking up a badge, 

click here!