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The Environmental Services Department permit dropbox and the office located at 501 N. 44th Street are permanently closed. The dropbox for paper plans is available to customers at our new location: 301 W. Jefferson St., Suite # 170, Phoenix AZ, 85003.

Please remember you can also submit an application electronically to our Department by following the steps outlined on our Permits, Forms, and Applications page.

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For additional resources related to Food & Restaurants, please visit the Environmental Services COVID-19 Resources page.

The Environmental Services Department ensures the citizens of Maricopa County receive safe food by partnering with food service operators to foster safe food practices through strong food safety systems.

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Certified Food Protection Manager

Maricopa County requires all establishments that serve open food, which requires time/temperature control for food safety, to have at least one (1) Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) on staff. CFPM shall be physically present, available by electronic or telephonic means during operation.

Food Handler’s Certificate

Maricopa County requires all food-handling employees to obtain a Food Handler’s Certificate. The person in charge at the Food Establishment is responsible for ensuring all food-handling employees obtain this certification.
  • The certificate(s) must be visible or readily accessible and kept at the establishment for Health Inspections.
  • To obtain a Food Handler’s Certificate, you must pass an exam administered by an ANSI-Accredited provider or Alternate Language ANSI-Accredited provider.
  • If you volunteer for a Non-Profit Organization or are a student in a Culinary Arts Program you may be eligible for a fee waiver.  Fee Waiver Application.
  • If you employ individuals with a disability and they perform specific determined tasks of low public health risk you may apply for a Limited Use Food Handler’s Certificate ($5/ employee), which is valid for 3 years.  Please contact your inspector for assistance with this request.

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