What Can I Do?

What Can I Do to Help Reduce Stormwater Pollution?

Do Your Part to Keep Stormwater Clean

There are many things YOU can do to help keep our local waterways clean! Ensure you always clean up dog waste, and care for your vehiclelawn, and household wastes appropriately. To learn more, visit our fact sheet page.

Remember, only rain should go down the stormdrain!

Organize or Participate in a Community Clean Up Event

Maricopa County Department of Transportation's Adopt-a-Highway program is designed to provide recognition to organizations, families and individuals that take pride in their area and go the extra distance to achieve clean public lands.

Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department's Adopt-a-Trail program offers businesses, individuals, and clubs an opportunity to volunteer their time and skills to enhance a County park area that is near and dear to their heart.

Report Littering or Illegal Dumping

• Maricopa County Environmental Services Online Complaint Form

Keep Arizona Beautiful

Stormwater Outreach for Regional Municipalities (STORM)

Maricopa County is a member of STORM, a not-for-profit organization established to promote regional stormwater education through public outreach. For further information on STORM, please visit their website.

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