Spay & Neuter

Maricopa County Animal Care & Control spays or neuters all dogs and cats that we adopt out, but we do not provide spay/neuter services to the owned animals. We do, however, partner with several groups to provide spay/neuter services.

Spay/Neuter Services

Visit Fix.Adopt.Save for a list of clinics that provide affordable spay/neuter services.

Why Spay or Neuter?

Spayed/neutered pets benefit in a number of ways.

  • Spaying prevents uterine infections and breast cancer in female dogs and cats; neutering prevents testicular cancer in male dogs and cats.
  • Neutered dogs and cats are less aggressive; studies show that most dog bites involve dogs that have not been altered.
  • The cost of paying for spay/neuter surgery is far less than the cost of caring for a litter of puppies or kittens.

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