About Available Software

The District provides useful engineering software and training opportunities for the benefit of the private and public sector working on hydrology, hydraulics, and flood control projects.

Software Uses

The software can be used for hydrologic, hydraulic, river mechanic modeling as part of Maricopa County's permit application (drainage use permit, floodplain use permit, sand and gravel permit, and right-of-way permit) as well as the District's floodplain delineation studies, watercourse master studies/plans, area drainage master studies/plans, and capital improvement projects.


Software and resources listed on this site are provided as a public service. The use of the software, results, and any information of this web page is the responsibility of the user.

The user releases, indemnifies and holds free the Flood Control District of Maricopa County from any and all liabilities, damages, lawsuits, and causes of action that result as a consequence of their reliance on this webpage.

Drainage Design Management

Drainage Design Management System

HEC-1 HC Card Drainage Area Calculation Tool

HEC-1 HC Card Tool

NSTPS Tool 1.0.0