Youth Tobacco Prevention

About the Program

The Youth Tobacco Prevention Program in the Office of Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation helps Maricopa County youth advance tobacco-free living in their schools and communities. Our team can provide coalition infrastructure and opportunities through technical support, education, resources, and a safe place to help bring progress to students' efforts. 

Members of the Students Taking a New Direction (STAND) Youth Coalition in a meetingStudents Taking a New Direction (STAND) Youth Coalition

STAND is Arizona's statewide anti-tobacco youth coalition working to provide a safe environment for high school aged students. Members work to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco use among their friends, in their schools, in their communities and with their local governments. Students who participate in STAND gain skills in leadership, advocacy, collaboration and experience shaping tobacco policy.

Our team can provide support, such as:

  • Offer guidance engaging in community-based policy activities.
  • Provide opportunities for students to coordinate events and educational awareness.
  • Equip students with the resources to take part in tobacco control issues.
  • Provide support stipends to School STAND Coordinator and club funding.

Counter Strike

In Arizona, it's illegal for youth under 18 to buy tobacco. Even still, every tobacco product that minors purchase illegally still makes money for tobacco companies. Through a partnership with the Arizona Attorney General's Office, the Counter Strike program is designed to help teenagers make a difference in their community by working with local law enforcement to identify stores that sell tobacco products to minors.
How Counter Strike works:
  • Along with a special investigator, teens enter a store and try to buy tobacco.
  • If the clerk sells it to them, they may be given a citation, fined, and provided resources for educational corrective action.
  • If the clerk refuses to sell to them, they are notified of the inspection and thanked for keeping tobacco away from teens.

Join the Strike

Join by filling out the Teen Undercover sign up form, found on the Counter Strike Arizona website.

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