Travel Reduction Program

The Travel Reduction Program (TRP) began in 1989 as part of the State of Arizona's response to a court ruling requiring greater efforts to reduce air pollution. The approximately 80 million commuter miles driven each weekday are a significant contributor to regional air pollution (ozone, particulate matter). One outcome of the ruling was the legislation of TRP state statutes that focus on employers and schools. Subsequent revisions to the statute and related Maricopa County ordinance (P-7) reduced the minimum employee site count to 50.

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TRP Goals

Employers and schools are asked to reduce single occupant vehicle (SOV) trips and/or miles traveled to the work site by 10 percent each year for a total of five years, and then five percent for three additional years, or until a 60 percent rate of SOV travel is reached. Progress is tracked through an annual commute survey of employer/school sites. The results of the survey are used to develop an annual travel reduction plan that commits the employer/school to implementing and documenting various strategies to reduce SOV trips or miles.

Business and School Compliance Assistance

The department assists employers with their travel reduction programs by:

  • Providing and distributing commuter questionnaires for the TRP annual survey.
  • Generating a statistical summary analysis of the TRP annual survey results for each site.
  • Offering travel reduction plan development assistance, program overview, and education.
  • Courtesy site visits and event outreach assistance.
  • Reviewing travel reduction plans and recommending for approval or rejection.
  • Monitoring the implementation of approved travel reduction plans by conducting site and phone audits.
  • Reporting on the costs of implementing travel reduction plans.
  • Generating an annual report on commute-related emissions and travel reduction progress.

TRP partners with Valley Metro Commute Solutions to provide training, personalized assistance and promotional materials to all participating organizations.

TRP Regional Task Force

The TRP Regional Task Force reviews employer/school survey results and the related plans are officially approved or rejected. These meetings are open to the public and are usually held every four weeks. 

For any organizations seeking to be listed on the Task Force agenda, please submit all requests by the 1st of the month to
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