MCACC Services

Microchips & Rabies Vaccinations

Our next clinic will be held Thursday, June 9th from 9am-11am at our West Shelter.

Appointments are required. Click here to schedule and pre-pay online.

Microchipping sales are available for $25 per animal. If you would like more information on microchips and the benefits of chipping your pet, take a look at this article on

Dog Being Vaccinated

Many spay/neuter clinics also offer affordable vaccinations, click here for an interactive map hosted by Arizona Defense League of Arizona to find the clinic nearest you.

Vetco also offers affordable vaccinations through their vaccination clinics

Why is it best to vaccinate through a vet rather than do it yourself?

Vaccinations must be stored at certain temperatures to remain viable - buying and transporting the vaccine yourself increases the chances that it will be exposed to temperatures that will render it ineffective. In addition to vet-obtained vaccinations being monitored more carefully, vaccinating through a vet service will also provide proof-of-vaccination given by a veterinarian, which is often required by facilities your pet may visit.