Health Improvement Partnership of Maricopa County (HIPMC)

what is HIPMC diagram

HIPMC is a collaboration between private organizations, public entities, and the Maricopa County Department of Public Health (MCDPH) to address priority health issues through a community health improvement plan (CHIP). 

The priority areas identified through the Community Health Assessment (CHA) are:

  1. Access to Care
  2. Access to Healthy Food
  3. Early Childhood Development

doctor using a tabletAccess to Care

Appropriate access to care means that everyone receives the services and support they need to maintain optimal health and wellbeing throughout their lifetimes. This encompasses both medical and non-medical care that effectively prevents, treats, and/or minimizes the effects of health problems and supports quality of life. This requires that care services be obtainable, accessible, and affordable to all, and be designed to ensure that individuals understand how to navigate efficiently through the care delivery system to meet their needs. Such care must also impart the best possible health outcomes and be delivered through a respectful relationship between the caregiver and recipient that is based on mutual trust and understanding.