Rapid Response Notification System

As Maricopa County strives to meet the federal health standards for dust pollution, the awareness and actions of every individual can go a long way towards reaching that goal. You can help maintain compliance with air quality standards by signing up to be notified of rapid response events. When dust pollution levels begin to rise, the department will send a message notifying you where the pollution hot spot is, and what steps you will need to take to help prevent an exceedance of the health standard. Our dust pollution prevention tips can help prevent these rapid response events.

When a rapid response notification is broadcasted, the department will also contact permit holders that engage in dust generating activities. The department will request the permit holders to inspect their sites as soon as possible, and to also employ their best available control measures in order to stabilize all disturbed areas to reduce wind blown dust. Department inspectors will also canvas the hot spot areas to ensure compliance.

To report a dust control violation or issue, call the department at 602-372-2703 or use our Air Quality Violations Report form.

Sign Up for Rapid Response Notifications

 A rapid response notification will be sent from one of our 15 air monitoring locations. Select one or more location provided below and subscribe to email or text message when dust pollution levels begin to rise.

Page reviewed 26 May 2023