Office of Communications

Maricopa County Office of Communications

Relationships With Internal & External Communication Agencies

Maricopa County is the fourth most populous County in the nation. We employ approximately 13,000 individuals who work throughout a number of elected and appointed departments. The Office of Communications represents the County as a whole and promotes communication with external agencies.

Impact on Maricopa

The role of the Communications Department for Maricopa County is to understand and be able to explain to the public and media all aspects of County government, not just those related to a single department. We respond to public records requests on a daily basis and are committed to providing information as quickly as possible.

Many Elected Officials have their own Public Information Officers and some county departments do as well. If the public or media is interested in a particular issue, they may contact the County’s Communications Department, and we can help people get in touch with the right person to answer any questions.

If you have questions about Maricopa County, please feel free to contact us at any time. You can email your questions to us.

Thank you for your interest in Maricopa County.

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