Our mission is to provide and coordinate essential support and social services to vulnerable populations
to enhance economic, educational, and social opportunities and strengthen communities.

Energy/Utility Assistance

 Are you worried that you cannot pay your utility bill? 

The Maricopa County Community Services Division administers a utility assistance program for residents of Maricopa County, outside of the cities of Phoenix, Mesa and Glendale who have their own utility assistance programs.

Eligible residents of Maricopa County who submit an application may receive assistance with current utility payments or utility deposit. 

  • Utility Deposits
  • Utility Payments

If interested in applying for Utility Assistance please contact your local agency and schedule an appointment. To apply the following documents are needed:

  1. Photo Identification of the applicant
  2. Social Security Cards for all household members
  3. Documentation of U.S. Citizenship or lawful residency of the applicant
  4. Documentation of Household Income received in the 30 days prior to and including appointment date
  5. Most recent Utility Bills for Gas and Electrical usage of current residence