Our mission is to provide and coordinate essential support and social services to vulnerable populations
to enhance economic, educational, and social opportunities and strengthen communities.

Maricopa County Workforce Development Board

Steve Troxel, Maricopa County WDB Chair
Prencipia, Inc., President and CEO

Mr. Troxel's bio is available by clicking here.

On behalf of the Maricopa County Workforce Development Board (WDB), I am pleased to welcome both employers and job seekers to the Maricopa Workforce Connections (MWC) Website.

The Maricopa County WDB is committed to:

  • Regional partnerships with all interested workforce services providers to maximize limited resources for the benefits of both employers and job seekers;
  • Playing a strategic role in regional economic development by strengthening the quality of the workforce through training;
  • Leveraging regional economic competitiveness and stability by meeting employers' needs for talented and skilled personnel, and
  • Improving the regional quality of life by enhancing the employment skills of youth, adults and displaced workers.

Join us in our effort to help businesses flourish and job seekers establish long-lasting careers. Call 602-506-4888 to learn more about benefitting from MWC's high-value no-charge services to discuss how we may work together to meet common goals.